Morro de Calzada Amazon Center, San Martin – Peru

Morro de calzada amazon center

The Ecosystems Conservation and Recovery Zone (ZoCRE) Morro de Calzada belongs to the Regional Conservation System of San Martin due to its significant biodiversity, scenic beauty and for providing water to the towns of Calzada and Yantalo. 

In addition, in the last few years it has been identified as a special site for birdwatching, where we have registered 233 species of birds so far in all of our visits, particularly including Painted Manakin, Mishana Tyrannulet, Rufous-crested Coquette, Stygian Owl, Black-bellied Tanager, other different species of Tanagers, Toucans and Raptors. It is also important to highlight the presence of endemic primates, the San Martin Titi Monkey and the Andean saddle-back tamarin.

Considering its magnificent natural characteristics, geographical location and scenic beauty, Ikam Expeditions has started the implementation of a conservation, education and tourism project to maximize the potential of the area. We are looking forward to establish the site as the most important natural space for recreation and environmental education in the San Martin region.

The idea is to implement in a private land next to the ZoCRE, services for the observation and enjoyment of the wildlife in a holistic manner. The site, named Morro de Calzada Amazon Center, will consider the following aspects as the pillars of its implementation:

  • Monitoring representative wildlife species. 

  • Natural heritage interpretation.

  • Implementation of sites for wildlife observation and photography.

  • Design of environmental education programs.

  • Contribution to the protection and valuation of the ZoCRE Morro de Calzada.

  • Empowering local people for the sustainable use of local biodiversity.

The Ikam Expeditions team is very happy with this new adventure, which brings many challenges, and above all the need to raise awareness among the authorities, various organizations and civil society, on how nature and specifically the forests and the species that live there, contribute to our quality of life.

We will keep you updated, friends of Ikam!

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Morro de Calzada Amazon Center