Observación de aves en Tingana - Humedales del Alto Mayo

Tingana birding report – Alto Mayo Wetlands

In our birding expedition in Tingana we were able to record up to 50 species in less than 12 hours, where 5 species of kingfishers stood out, that are all those recorded in Peru. One of the few areas that still preserves adequate natural conditions

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Observación de aves y vida silvestre 2024

Birding and Wildlife Expeditions Peru 2024

Peru is one of the countries with the largest number of birds recorded in the world between other species and with several alternatives for birding and wildlife expeditions. Birding and Wildlife Expeditions 2024   Northern Peru Hummingbird Route: The main objective of this birding expedition

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Wildlife expedition in Alto Mayo

Wildlife watching safari in Alto Mayo, Peru

The Alto Mayo Valley is located in the provinces of Moyobamba and Rioja, in the transition between the Andes and the Amazon in northern Peru, has a great biodiversity and endemism, and is an ideal place to connect with nature and meet unique forests with

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October Big Day

October Big Day 2023 report by Ikam Expeditions

Peru achieved the first place in the world in number of bird species recorded in the October Big Day – OBD 2023, showing its great potential in bird biodiversity and the increase of the bird community in the country. October Big Day 2023 results analysis

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Fotografía de aves en la Ruta de Aves del Norte del Perú / Birding photography on Northern Peru Birding Route

Birding photography on the Northern Peru Birding Route

“The Northern Peru Birding Route has a high biodiversity of birds, as well as great opportunities to photograph them, such as the Marvelous Spatuletail, Rufous-crested coquette, Wire-crested Thorntail, Paradise Tanager, Black-bellied Tanager, Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, Ochre-fronted Antpitta, Johnson’s Tody-Flycatcher, among other species of interest”. Birding photography

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Birding for conservation

Birding for conservation Program

Birding for conservation is an environmental education program that aims to raise public awareness about the importance of conserving nature, using bird watching as the main tool, a fun activity that seeks to connect people with the birds in their natural environment and turn them

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Top 5 birds in Morro de Calzada Amazon Center

Ikam Expeditions has registered 250 species in Morro de Calzada Amazon Center – MCAC from 2020 to the present. In the next article we introduced the 5 species most representative of the site and surroundings. Mishana Tyrannulet (Zimmerius villarejoi) Endemic species with restricted distribution in

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Observación de aves en Tarapoto

Birding tour in Tarapoto and surroundings, Peru

2023 began with a 5-day birding tour in Tarapoto and surrounding areas, with an itinerary that was redesigned due to temporary problems of accessibility to other areas of the San Martin region. Pre-trip arrangements In the last quarter of 2022 a birding expedition was confirmed

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Birdwatching at Morro de Calzada Amazon Center

Birdwatching at Morro de Calzada Amazon Center

Morro de Calzada is an ideal place for wildlife observation, especially birds, and the company Ikam Expeditions has designed an experience for the enjoyment of this activity and is available to the general public, especially for nature lovers. BirdwatchingBirdwatching is an activity that is growing

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santa eulalia birding

Santa Eulalia Birding Expedition, Lima, Peru

The Santa Eulalia basin is located east of the Lima city after Chosica and has well-preserved mountain ecosystems that are home to a large number of endemic and restricted birds. This article is about an expedition conducted by Alex Gimenez and Ikam Expeditions team to

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voices of the forest 5

Voices of the Forest: Birdwatching in Moyobamba

Moyobamba is recognized as the city of orchids, but in its surrounding forests hides more biodiversity, such as birds, monkeys and other species. Birdwatching in Moyobamba, is the 5th chapter of the Voces del Bosque series and shows how close the city is to nature

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voices of the forest 3

Voices of the forest: Representative birds of Alto Mayo

The chapter Representative Birds of the Alto Mayo, shows the most interesting birds to see in the area, from Moyobamba, through the Alto Mayo Protected Forest, to Abra Patricia. The birds selected are characterized by being endemic (unique), rare or difficult to observe, or emblematic.

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Voices of the Forest: The Hummingbird Route

The first chapter of the Voices of the Forest series is the Hummingbird Route, which allows us to learn about the diversity of hummingbirds that exist in the Northern Birding Route and especially the search for the Marvelous Spatuletail, as well as the sites that

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voices of the forest 1

Voices of the forest, digital series release

Voices of the Forest, the series that promotes wildlife observation and the stories of those who work to preserve it With funding from Turismo Emprende program of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, the ecotourism company Ikam Expeditions presents the audiovisual series “Voices of

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ecouturism in departament of san martin

Ecotourism in the department of San Martin – Peru

The department of San Martin has the potential to develop ecotourism and outdoor recreation, due to the Amazon, its forests and the magical wildlife that lives there. Natural Potential San Martin is located in the northern jungle of Peru, bordering Loreto, La Libertad, Amazonas, Huanuco

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peru and birdwatching

Peru and birdwatching as a national hobby

Peru has registered 1877 birds (Plenge, 2020), so it is one of the countries with the largest number of birds in the world. For this reason, between others that are presented in this article, bird watching is an activity with a big potential to become

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trips to the amazon rainforest

Trips to the Amazon rainforest, well-being and health

Connecting with nature is essential to improve our health and happiness; in this article, we present the benefits and tips to connect with the Amazon rainforest and wildlife in your next trips. Benefits of nature travel to our well-being According to Richard Louv, the connection

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record of hummingbirds

Record of Hummingbirds of Northern Peru Birding Route

“Hummingbirds´watching is a very interesting activity on The Northern Peru Birding Route. For this reason, in 2019, we began to record the diversity of this family in the main observatories of this especies of northern Peru, having recorded, in that year up to 62 different

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birds of san martin

Birds of San Martin

Event “Birds of San Martin – A virtual journey through its main observation sites” This event showed the local biodiversity, mainly birds, helping to position their main observation sites and contributing to empower the managers of each of these sites, within the process of reactivating

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Morro de calzada amazon center

Morro de Calzada Amazon Center, San Martin – Peru

The Ecosystems Conservation and Recovery Zone (ZoCRE) Morro de Calzada belongs to the Regional Conservation System of San Martin due to its significant biodiversity, scenic beauty and for providing water to the towns of Calzada and Yantalo.  In addition, in the last few years it

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love for nature

Love for nature in the Northern Peru Birding Route

All our excursions into the forest are different!. Our friend Kii Fujii, has reinforced a positive relationship with nature, especially with orchids and hummingbirds, and now we have a protector of their habitats and a lover of photographing them. The relationship between people and nature

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