Voices of the Forest: Birdwatching in Moyobamba

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Moyobamba is recognized as the city of orchids, but in its surrounding forests hides more biodiversity, such as birds, monkeys and other species. Birdwatching in Moyobamba, is the 5th chapter of the Voces del Bosque series and shows how close the city is to nature and to fantastic wild species that everyone can get to know.


Moyobamba is the first city founded in the jungle. Etymologically, its name derives from the Quechua word “Muyupampa”, which means circular plain, because the “Moyorunas” settled in an extensive mountain plain above the Mayo River. Also, in colonial times it was recognized as “Santiago of the eight valleys”, being the administrative, religious, military and operational center of expeditions in search of “El Dorado” (Congress of the Republic, 2001), mythical place where there would be great riches, still undiscovered.

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Birdwatching in Moyobamba

The Moyobamba city is located at 860 meters above sea level and like many cities in the jungle has grown in a chaotic way; however, it has very interesting places to enjoy nature without leaving the city. The natural streams and viewpoints are spaces that have species of wild fauna and flora, where monkeys and birds highlight.

In particular, the Punta de Tahuishco is a natural viewpoint, from where you can see the forest canopy and the Mayo River valley; it is very popular for residents of the city and tourists, and at sunrise it is an ideal place for bird watching.

Nature is closer to people than it seems, and places like the Mirador Punta de Tahuishco are ideal to get involved in wildlife observation and photography and learn about part of Peru’s biodiversity.

If you want to learn more about bird watching and get some tips to get started in the activity, click here.

Mirador Punta de Tahuishco - Ikam Expeditions

Sunrise at Punta de Tahuishco Viewpoint


Wildlife species identified

From the Punta de Tahuishco viewpoint you can watch up 40 species of birds, 2 species of primates, among other species. The tanagers, which only exist in the Americas and stand out for being colorful, also highlights the two species of toucans, and some birds of prey. Finally, it also highlights the San Martin titi monkey, an endemic species, very representative of the department that is in danger of extinction.

Voces del Bosque: Observación de aves en Moyobamba

▶️🍿Último capítulo de #VocesDelBosque: “Observación de aves en Moyobamba”🐒🦥
🇵🇪 🦜 El Perú es uno de los países con mayor variedad de aves y en la región San Martín podemos encontrar a más de la mitad, para terminar nuestro recorrido iremos a la Punta de Tahuishco en Moyobamba, donde seremos testigos de la maravillosa biodiversidad de nuestro país.
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