40 Hummingbirds species in 3 days in the Northern Peru Birding Route

40 hummingbirds

In Peru, 125 species have been identified (SACCC, 2018) out of the 340 that exist in the world (Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute, 2019). More than 50% of them can be observed on the Northern Peru Birding Route, especially between the regions of San Martin and Amazonas, where there are more than 50 species reported.

These species are wonderful and beautiful birds, they are among the smallest in the world, with an average size of 8.5 cm and a weight between 2 and 20 g. In addition, they can fly both backwards and forwards, from side to side, upside down and even float.

Their physiology is also very interesting, these species compared to humans have a heart 5 times greater in proportion, breathe 20 times faster and have a temperature 8 degrees higher.

Such a lifestyle requires continuous feeding during the day, with a diet of nectar and flying insects. An interesting fact is that due to the variety of flowers they feed on, these birds have different sized and shaped beaks. Likewise, it is very interesting to note the color difference between the different species of hummingbirds, especially in the males (Audubon Arizona, 2019).

Because of this great potential and interest in learning more about these beautiful species, Ikam Expeditions has been studying these birds for over a year. As part of this study, the company documented an expedition focused on seeing the highest number of these species along the route Tarapoto, Alto Mayo, Abra Patricia and the Cordillera Colan, in just three days.

The idea was to visit the main hummingbird observation sites to register as many species as possible and validate previous reports. Ikam Expeditions will keep you updated on our wildlife monitoring and expeditions.

The results of this expedition are presented below:

40 hummingbirds recorded in 3 days on the Northern Peruvian Birding route

Hummingbirds photos:
Hummingbirds of Northern Peru Birding Route

List of Hummingbirds observed in the Northern Peru Birding Route: Click here


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