Voices of the forest: Representative birds of Alto Mayo

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The chapter Representative Birds of the Alto Mayo, shows the most interesting birds to see in the area, from Moyobamba, through the Alto Mayo Protected Forest, to Abra Patricia.

The birds selected are characterized by being endemic (unique), rare or difficult to observe, or emblematic. It is important to consider that Alto Mayo and Moyobamba are recognized as important sites for birds and show a high endemism of species.

Representative birds of Alto Mayo

  • Stygian Owl (Asio stygius): A rare and local species that goes unnoticed. Seeks its food in open spaces or forest edges. Very blackish, with striped underparts, long dark ear tufts, white eyebrows and golden eyes.

  • Painted Manakin (Maechaeropterus eckelberryi): Recently described species, in the eastern Andes of northern Peru. Endemic to Peru. The male has a bright red cap and the characteristic yellow on the sides of its chest unlike the olive-green female that can be confused with other species.

  • Banded-tailed Manakin (Pipra fasciicauda): A fairly common species in the Amazon, during the breeding season several males can be seen coming to the traditional ¨leck¨ for an exhibition of movements, where they seek to mate with a female. The males are bright yellow, with black wings and back and red head and chest, and have a white band on the tail.

  • Rufous-breasted Woodquail (Odontophorus speciosus): Rare species in humid montane forests because they are very shy. Usually, they always move on the ground in pairs or small groups. It has a chestnut-colored chest, brown upperparts with white stripes and black face and throat.

  • Cock-of-the-Rock (Rupicola peruvianus): One of the most iconic birds of the Andes. Its song is similar to the squealing of pigs and is characterized by its orange color on the head and breast, with black wings and lower body. It nests on rocks or cliff faces, in cloud forests at medium elevations.

  • Ochre-fronted Antpitta (Grallaricula ocharaceifrons): Species endemic to the eastern Andes of northern Peru. The male has a brown face and forehead, the female lacks this, but has a thicker eye ring. It inhabits cloud forests, full of epiphytes.

  • Rusty-tinged Antpitta (Grallaria przewalskii): Species endemic to the eastern Andes of northern Peru. It is cinnamon brown, with white belly and throat, gray crown and blue eye ring. It normally remains on the ground, where it is difficult to observe.

  • Johnson’s Tody-flycatcher (Poecilotriccus luluae): Species endemic to Peru. Rare species in humid montane forest understory; often near or within bamboo thickets, also in secondary vegetation. It has a combination of red head, white chin, gray neck and yellow belly.

  • Long-whiskered Owlet (Xenoglaux loweryi): Species endemic to a small area of the eastern Andes of northern Peru in Amazonas and San Martin, and very rare in montane rainforest. Tiny owl, with long facial feathers, around eyes and beak; with white eyebrows, anteated face and amber eyes.

Voces del Bosque: Aves representativas del Alto Mayo

Projection of the second chapter: Representative Birds of Alto Mayo

Voces del Bosque: Aves representativas del Alto Mayo

🍿 ¡Mira el segundo capítulo de #VocesDelBosque: “Aves representativas del Alto Mayo”! 🐦🎥
🦉 La variedad de ecosistemas del Alto Mayo nos permiten tener especies únicas en el mundo, en este episodio observaremos las aves más representativas de esta zona, especies endémicas, amenazadas y difíciles de observar; en un recorrido desde Moyobamba, en el Bosque de Protección Alto Mayo, hasta Abra Patricia en Amazonas.
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