Progress in participatory urban bird monitoring in Moyobamba, Peru

The need to bring people closer to nature and, in the case of the San Martin region, to bring the community closer to the forests and the incredible species that live there, has motivated the Ikam Expeditions team to lead bird monitoring activities with the participation of local people.

In that sense, these activities involved men and women, children and the elderly, bird enthusiasts, beginners and experienced birdwatchers, all together with the aim of having fun learning and contributing to the knowledge of the bird life from the city of Moyobamba.

The monitoring activities were scheduled for the first quarter of 2020, every 15 days on the weekends, in order to ensure an important participation of locals. So, during January, two field visits were made to “Punta de Tahuishco” viewpoint on the 5th and 21st, from 6:00 to 8:30 approximately.

The activity consisted of recording every bird species observed with the aid of binoculars, a spotting scope and a field guide of the birds of Peru. It should be noted that, only observations were considered in this record, but not songs.

Between, these two field visits, a total of 36 bird species belonging to 20 families were recorded.

Thus, Thraupidae was the most representative family with 07 species.  Also, the Bat-hunting falcon (Falco rufigularis) and the Red-bellied macaw (Orthopsittaca manilatus) were the most significant species recorded. 

In the following months, it was impossible to carry out our programmed monitoring activities. February, being a month of constant rain. Likewise, during March, all the health problems and social isolation paralyzed the different meetings, recreational and tourist activities, making it impossible to give continuity to the participatory monitoring.

Results of participatory urban bird monitoring

However, as we are closing this first quarterly report, we would like to show indicators (see below) that we consider successful, which reinforce our intention to continue with this activity after the quarantine period.

Participants by gender

Participants by age (generation)

Species distribution by family


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Participatory urban bird monitoring in Moyobamba

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