Ringed Antpipit, a new species report in Arena Blanca Reserve

Ringed Antpipit, a new species report in Arena Blanca Reserve

In the last monitoring work with trap cameras, a new species was recorded in the  Arena Blanca Reserve, Ringed Antpipit (Corythopis torquatus), adding 481 species to the list of birds in the Arena Blanca Reserve.

Ringed Antpipit

Ringed Antpipit (Corythopis torquatus) is a species with a wide distribution in the Amazon, inhabits mainly on the ground, on land as seasonally flooded areas, difficult to observe and is identified mainly by its song

    • Length: 13.5-14 cm.

    • Weight: 15-18 gr.

Ringed Antpipit / Coritopis Anillado

Monitoring with trap cameras in Arena Blanca Reserve

Since September we began recording species using trap cameras, as part of a project to improve tourism services for birdwatching, funded by PROFONANPE, with technical assistance from Ikam Expeditions team and the constant work of Norbil Becerra and his family.

The main objective of installing trap cameras is to monitoring species to learn more about their behavior and enable new observatories to increase the success of bird watching in the Reserve; it was very pleasant to us when within the records a new species record was identified, which definitely shows that the Arena Blanca Reserve is doing an adequate job of forest and bird conservation.

The camera was installed between the entrance and the quail and tinamu observatory, during the period 8.9.22 to 23.10.22.

Observation of Ringed Antpipit

On September 28, 2022 at 14:50 hours, an individual of Ringed Antpipit was recorded in the Arena Blanca Reserve. The individual was recorded by a trap camera that was installed in the reserve. With this record, the reserve would add 481 species to its eBird list (2023).

The second record was made on October 1, 2022 at 13:47 hours. The habitat where it was recorded is settled forest in white sand, a very particular habitat in the buffer zone of the Alto Mayo Protected Forest.

The closest observations to this new record were made by Glenn Seeholzer and Tom Johnson on 01 October 2018 4km north of the village center San Francisco (eBird, 2023), in the province and district of Moyobamba (left side of the Mayo River). The separation between the two records is approximately 35 km.