Tingana birding report – Alto Mayo Wetlands

Observación de aves en Tingana - Humedales del Alto Mayo

In our birding expedition in Tingana we were able to record up to 50 species in less than 12 hours, where 5 species of kingfishers stood out, that are all those recorded in Peru.

One of the few areas that still preserves adequate natural conditions for wildlife observation in the Alto Mayo are the Alto Mayo Wetlands, especially the Tingana conservation concession, which is part of our birding and wildlife tours.

Birdwatching tour in Tingana – Alto Mayo Wetlands

In February of this year we went on a birding and wildlife tour at Tingana, a conservation concession located within the Alto Mayo Wetlands. The objective of Curtis Tripp and friends was to observe as many birds and other wildlife species as possible in this natural area.

The visit began early in the morning from Moyobamba by land transport to the Huascayacu mouth, from where we boarded the boat of the Tingana service providers. On the way down the Mayo River, we talked about the environmental importance of this concession for the sustainable development of the area and the objectives of the visit with respect to bird species and other wildlife of interest. Upon arriving at Tingana, before breakfast, we began to observe the first species of the day using a telescope, highlighting the Thrush-like Wren and Gilded Barbet.

After breakfast, we started the canoe ride through the wetland and it was really very satisfactory, since we were able to observe several groups of Red Howler Monkey and Common Squirrel Monkey with babies, and Andean Saddle-back Tamarin Monkey; in addition, among the various species that we observed, the 4 species of Kingfishers stood out, missing only one species to see the totality that exists in Peru.

Finishing the canoe ride, we headed to Finca Don Pepito, and on the way by foot we were able to observe several species, among which the Arasari letreado stands out, a species that Curtis was very interested in observing.

The truth is that the species appeared at Curtis’ request, it was incredible the aura and positivism of this group, which apparently the nature could feel.

After lunch, we started our way back, we had already observed 49 species of birds and as we mentioned, 4 of the 5 species of Kingfisher that exist in Peru, that is, we were still missing one and on the way between the Mayo River and the Avisado River we searched for the missing species, the Green and Rufous Kingfisher.

After a few minutes of searching, we were able to see the missing species. Emotion invaded the group, the expedition achieved its goal: 50 species of birds recorded in less than 12 hours, within which, the observation of all species of Kingfisher that exists in Peru stands out.

What an exciting experience and what exciting results we achieved on this expedition, one that we will certainly never forget!

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