Love for nature in the Northern Peru Birding Route

love for nature

All our excursions into the forest are different!. Our friend Kii Fujii, has reinforced a positive relationship with nature, especially with orchids and hummingbirds, and now we have a protector of their habitats and a lover of photographing them.

The relationship between people and nature is essential, and many studies indicate that authentic contact with nature generates physical and mental well-being in people, and birdwatching is a specific activity that meets all the criteria for not only observing nature but really connecting with it. Doing bird watching allows a person to walk in the nature where they are going to exercise and breathe fresh air, it also requires a lot of attention, reflexes and mental speed to see, recognize and observe bird behaviors, it demands exercising your arms when holding binoculars, and also allows you to meet and interact with other bird lovers and for all this, you can ensure that the observation contributes to reducing stress and protect your health, physical and mental.

In February 2020 we met a traveler and enthusiastic wildlife photographer, Kii Fujii, a friend of forests, but especially of hummingbirds; she had a great interest in observing and photographing different species of hummingbirds, she had a particular interest in capturing photographs of some species, such as the Marvelous Spatuletail or Rufous-crested Coquette and she contacted us to make that trip which was motivated by a video we posted on Facebook and intuitively her need and passion arose.

Kii’s expedition was very satisfying; the special relationship of Kii with nature appeared in the field, the hummingbirds showed up and did their performance in the places we visited. We saw in just 4 days around 43 species of hummingbirds between highlights Koepcke’s Hermit, Rufous-crested Coquette, Wire-crested Thorntail, Royal Sunangel, Booted Racket Tail and Marvelous Spatuletail. 

We are sure that our friend will continue with her hobby and not only will she continue to do bird watching, but also contribute to the care of the forests and tell her great stories to new adventurers of nature.

The relationship between man and nature is win-win situation; on one hand we access to an environment that generates physical and mental health and on the other hand we become agents to speak in defense of nature.

Kii’s expedition photographs:


Kii's trip pics (feb 2020)


Hummingbird’s route in Peru video:


Bird photographs taken by Kii:


Kii's birding pics


Video of Hummingbirds of Peru: