Birding for conservation Program

Birding for conservation

Birding for conservation is an environmental education program that aims to raise public awareness about the importance of conserving nature, using bird watching as the main tool, a fun activity that seeks to connect people with the birds in their natural environment and turn them into local conservation leaders.

Advances of “Birding for conservation”

Until now, the program has been developing bird watching field trips in the surroundings of Moyobamba, Calzada and Pardo Miguel, in the Alto Mayo valley, mainly aimed to vulnerable people such as children, elderly people and people with disabilities; there have also been field trips with local authorities to recruit local partners to support the program.

In that sense, 4 field trips have been carried out between march and june, with the total participation of approximately 50 people.

In this process, we have signed an inter-institutional cooperation agreement with local stakeholders, such as the District Municipality of Calzada, the Provincial Municipality of Moyobamba and the Regional Office of Foreign Trade and Tourism, jointly with whom we have been implementing scheduled field excursions and other actions for the proper implementation of the program.


Future actions of “Birdwatching for Conservation”

Birdwatching for conservation plans to scale up to a comprehensive environmental awareness program, developing skills for birdwatching, mainly to a school audience of regular basic education (primary and secondary), seeking to generate local leadership, associated with birdwatching as an activity that generates social, economic and environmental changes.

In this sense, an educational structure has been developed with classroom and field sessions associated with birdwatching, conservation project management and support for the management of a local birdwatchers’ club or similar, among other activities.

The benefits of this program are social, environmental and economic; social benefits linked to the physical and mental health of the participants, access to relevant environmental education related to their environment, in terms of the environment because it contributes to the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity in the long term, and from the economic perspective because it can serve as an economic activity in the future.

Benefits of Birding for conservation program
Benefits of Birding for conservation program

For the next stage, we are looking for partners. If you are interested in becoming a partner in the implementation of this program, please contact us at info@ikamexpeditions.com.